Demongate High: Black Flame

Session 2: Getting Into the Groove

We Really Need Some Better Ideas, Don't We?

The first day of classes was an interesting one for all involved. The group met most of their teachers, as follows:

08:00 – 0 Homeroom (Windsong)
08:15 – 1 Health and Physical Education (Archer, Praetorius)
09:00 – 2 Math I (Teivelstern)
09:45 – 3 Spirit Manipulation (Kandji)
10:30 – 4 Paranormal Studies (Heffernen)
11:15 – 5 Earth Science (Nesbitt)
12:00 – LUNCH
12:45 – 6 Supernatural History (Yukiryu)
01:30 -7 Ability Focused Studies
-Ani and Jason (Cambion): Heffernen
-Jason (Inheritor): Chadwick (Matthew)
-Brahim (Artificer): el-Hashem
-Mikael (Soul Wielder): Yukiryu
-Mikael (Spirit Energist): Kandji
02:15 – 8 Written Communications (DeVille)

There. Now you fucks have a schedule, and the names of your teachers. Hope you’re happy.

Jason, by virtue of experimentation, got the entire Spirit Manipulation class momentarily high. After he fully woke up. He discovered this was due to one of the powers of a classmate, Bianca. Shiptease?

DeVille, by virtue of his laziness, successfully got the last PC, Mikael, to be acknowledged and integrated into the group. Yay. The party is now complete. Took fucking long enough.

Ani, by virtue of her *cough*_overbearing_*cough* nature, successfully (?) made Mikael feel more welcome in the group environment.

The rest of the week passed without much incident. The kids learned stuff.

Well, except that Ani was being stalked by a Se’ir. Some investigations were made, turned up circumstantial evidence of Voodood’s involvement. Travis was nice about the whole thing, even though the girls kind of broke into his room.

Friday, Professor el-Hashem requested that Brahim take some company down to Porta to visit her son, Kamil. Basically the whole group went down to see the kid. They ate, they talked, they had some fun. Oh, and they learned that Saeko is actually a Sundered Spirit whose fused state is permanent. That was a thing.

After some discussion on what to do about Saeko, the group agreed to keep quiet about it, but to still investigate on their own. Investigations were made. Investigations are fun. They’re more fun when they involve the whole group.




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