Ani Bastet

Gifted Cambion Cat-Girl, who loves making friends, and is a little naive and sheltered, but rather quick like a cat


Long, unruly black hair, down to her knees; bright cat-like blue eyes, whisker birthmarks on her cheeks, and mulatto brown skin, has black & grey stripped ears and tail, and an gold hoop earring on her right cat ear.

Physical Stats
STR – 4 END – 4
CON- 5 REF – 8
COO – 8 MAN – 5
LOO – 7 REA – 5
KNO – 6 RES – 6
INS – 5 PER – 6
LUC – 7

– Cambion (Cat Ears and Tail, Animal Sense (Hearing), Swiftness, Leap, Darksight, Natural Weapons, +2 REF & +2 COO)
– Sexy
– Stylish
– Photographic Memory
– Quick Reactions
– Resources (Money – 10,000)
– Thoughtful
– Studious
– Keen Sense (Sight)

– Clumsy (Not her, her tail XD)
– Curiosity
– Won’t Kill
– Sadistic
– Speech Impedement (Rolls her ‘Rs’ when she speaks)
– Soft Spots: Cats
– Annoying Habit: Tail (which has a mind of it’s own {GM rolls for tail})
– Vain

(In the Book)
25. Can curl her tongue
50. fiddles with her hair when in deep thought
51. Is fascinated by Japanese Culture (likes to speak Japanese, and reading manga/watching anime)
58. Always wears a bright blue ribbon, with a bell on it, around her neck, like a choker, and later a silver heart locket with her name on it
69. Takes exceptionally good care of material possessions
81. Never carries cash

1.) Tends to stutter/babble when lying
2.) Will swear or throw out insults when angry
3.) Will snap if ears/tail are touched without her permission



Ani has lived a sheltered life since she was little, because of her mother, Aziza, who was concerned about Ani being bullied by the other children. Aziza even went to such great lengths as to even cut her daughter’s ears and tail off, had her husband, Hayate, Ani’s father, hadn’t stepped in. Her only friend when she was little was Brahim Ibn Salah Ibn Arwan al-Hasib, who’s family was good friends with her mother. He was the first to ever see her ears and tail, aside from her family, and accepted her for who she was. Because of this, Ani is very close to Brahim, seeing him as her best friend/big brother.
Her primary love interest is Zephiel Hughs, one of the boy’s prefects. She finds him very attractive and likes how he handles himself around other “scary” people.

Ani Bastet

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