Mikael Jasnov

Losing his parents to a fire of suspicious origins, he grew up on the streets and in the wilderness of Belarus, and learned he had the power to conjure a sword out of nothing.


Medium-lengthed, side-cut to the left, dark blue hair that darkens over length, and has a few silver streaks in it. Bright fuckoff green eyes. Slender, fragile-looking build, though it’s anything but. Almost ghostly-pale skin.

STR – 5 REA – 5
END – 5 KNO – 5
CON – 5 RES – 10
REF – 5 INS – 5
COO – 7 PER – 5
MAN – 5 LUC – 5
LOO – 5

Soul Wielder
Spirit Energist
In the cards
Aptitude: Soul Wielder
Talent: Soul Extraction
Paragon: Soul Extraction

Unstable Powers
Poor Sense: Vision (2)


Living a relatively normal life up until the age of 6, he had no idea that there were supernatural occurrences in the world. Then, after going to the square one day, he came back to the ashes of his parents home, where they should have been waiting for him. With neither of his parents around the crowd of neighbors and firemen, he ran. Wandering the streets for a few weeks, he was able to survive on resourcefulness, taking food that had been dropped by people shopping in the square, or thrown out due to it not being absolutely fresh from the restaurants there, staying warm by huddling near vents, he had little trouble staying alive. He started living more away from the actual streets over the years, in the forested marshland nearby, but still wandered the streets in search of food occasionally. One day, he was wandering as usual when he saw a lovely woman drop an entire loaf of bread in her hurry. After quickly and stealthily achieving it, he was headed down the street when a local street-gang approached him. They tried to take the loaf of bread he so desperately needed, and he snapped. Suddenly there was a bright flash and a sword materialized in his hand. The gang was spooked and they ran off without haste, but he was not only scared and confused, but incredibly intrigued by this power he had. Not a week after that, he was approached by representative of Demongate High…

Mikael Jasnov

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