Demongate High: Black Flame

Session 1: Arrival

In Which Ani and Brahim and Jason and Saeko all Meet Each Other and Stuff Happens

A fairly uneventful plane trip. Jason got airsick. Ani smacked Voodood (Valeman) in the mouth with her tail. He wasn’t very happy.

Ani met up with her roommate, Saeko, and they hit it off.
Jason and Brahim were pretty cool about it too.

Everyone met each other over food, and everything was ’kay.

After a week of orientation, the school held a scavenger hunt, presided over by a couple of upperclassmen. They got down to Porta to “Find the Surprise!” It was Goblins.

They killed the Goblins.

They killed them dead. D-E-D Dead.

Oh, and Jason’s scythe absorbed two of them. That was cool.

They got back up to the school, got to the principal’s office, and collected their rewards. Wards. Wheee!


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